The problem of establishing the training at a particular moment

The problem of establishing the training at a particular moment

The problem of establishing the training at a particular moment in the day is extra severe than it seems. The choice of the duration when we educate depends upon even more factors.

It’s clear from the start that we can not consider the duration of three hours after every main meal, because this period has to be allocated to digestion just. Substantial exertion is absolutely unadvisable in this duration (blood must not be guided to the muscle mass, given that stomach digestion has priority).

A lot more exactly, people need to educate when their tummy is vacant, yet the level of glycemia should be constant. Thinking about a typical awake – sleeping rhythm, there are two beneficial moments when we can set fitness programs and also training as a whole: one in the morning, between 10-12, and also the various other one in the mid-day, between 16-19.
Current technique in most of the sports verifies these durations as ideal for training.

An additional debate for choosing one of these intervals for training is the body temperature level, which now gets to its maximum. The 2nd duration (16-19) is also much better than the very first one from this point of view, due to the fact that the temperature level is higher and also this boosts sporting activity efficiency.

It is not recommended to train very early in the morning, right after awakening as well as before breakfast. Nonetheless, there are authors who sustain the idea of having the training in this duration. The reserves of glycogen are limited after the absence of food throughout resting and this is a reason for utilizing the fat earlier in training than in various other situations.

Unfortunately, at the same time, the stress hormones (cortisone) are produced abundantly, so besides the adipose tissue, there is the risk of losing valuable muscular tissue.

An additional argument versus this is the reality that body temperature level is very reduced in the hours of morning, so no motion parameters (pressure, resistance, speed, flexibility, ability) can be totally activated. Therefore, a prolonged and also tiring heating up would be required, preventing the actual training.

Everybody agrees that training prior to bedtime is not a good idea whatsoever, due to the fact that they postpone sleep a couple of hours, given development of cortical activity and also of body temperature.

This timetable can be adjusted to any kind of biorhythm as well as time zone and also as soon as automatism mounted, performance of training will absolutely enhance.